Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chapter Sixty

“Well we may have solved the Virginia murder, but we still can’t tie Jaffe to the death of Lillian Petulengro.” Chambers reached over and patted Jacoby on the shoulder. “Look at the bright side. You’re going to have the satisfaction of telling Barry Jones you’ve caught his killer.”

“That may have to wait. I doubt whether I’ll have much luck reaching him this late on a Saturday night. He’s probably all tucked in reading the latest issue of Technology for the Law Enforcement Officer”

“You made that up, right?”

Jacoby nodded.

“I thought so. Anyway you’re wrong. Jones heard about what happened at the fundraiser and he’s waiting outside. Shall I have him come in?”

Jacoby wasn’t surprised. Jones was a good cop. He hoped they could work together. If he was going to link Jaffe to the Lillian Petulengro murder he was going to need some help from Jones.

“Jacoby, nice black eye you’ve got there.”

“You ought to see the other guy.” Jacoby got up and walked across the room to shake hands with a grinning Barry Jones. “You realize you’re probably not going to be invited to any more of the Senator’s shindigs, don’t you Barry?”

“I think I'm pretty good at reading ADA’s and judging from the Cheshire Cat grin on Chambers’ face, I don’t think Jaffe's going to be throwing any parties for the next fifteen to twenty years.”

“He’s looking good for your murder, Barry, but I don’t have enough to charge him with mine. And, of course, men like Jaffe have a way of squirming out of tight spots. You still have your work cut out for you.”

“Catch me up.” Jones helped himself to a cup of coffee and sat down.

“We have an angry wife who has identified your Jane Doe as Victoria Sherwood. Ms. Sherwood has been having an affair with the Senator. Mrs. Jaffe found some letters from the deceased to her husband when she went through her husband's desk tonight. I guess something I said to her at the fundraiser must have raised some suspicions.”

“Where is Mrs. Jaffe now?

"After she finished dictating her statement I had one of my guys drive her home. She’s had quite a bit to drink tonight. I also wanted him to pick up those letters. Based on what Mrs. Jaffe said, they make pretty interesting reading.”

“Good idea. Is there anything else? He knew the victim. He didn’t come forward to identify her. He’ll just say he wanted to keep the affair a secret from his wife.”

“Exactly. That’s why it’s critical to your case that we prove that he did more than just fail to admit an affair. He directed Carl Stone to murder an innocent woman because she could tie the Senator to the victim.”

“What about the third murder? The one out in Calvert County? How is that connected to this, Jacoby?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet. Maybe you and I will have a chance to ask the Senator about that.”

“Has he been charged with anything yet?”

“No. What would I charge him with? Taking a punch at an annoying party crasher? Before Mrs. Jaffe showed up, I was about to let him go. Instead, I guess I’ll be releasing him to your custody.”

“Correct. We’re going to be charging him with obstruction. That will give us enough time make our case for the murder of Victoria Sherwood.”



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