Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chapter Thirteen

Fanny reached through the broken glass, unlocked the door and stepped into the darkness of the tattoo parlor. She was focused on grabbing her handbag and getting out of the shop. She was sure if she could just find out who she was and where she lived she would be alright. Aside from the pounding in her head she did not think she was hurt – just confused. Very confused. Fanny picked up her bag and turned to go, but as she did something caught her eye. She picked her way through the darkness toward the back of the shop even as every fiber in her body was telling her to run away. As her eyes grew more accustomed to the darkness Fanny could make out a woman for lying on what looked like a massage table.

Maybe it was the woman that had given her the tea. Maybe she slept at the shop at night. What was her name? Fanny sorted through the confused jumble in her mind trying to recall the name of the odd red haired woman. She remembered it had been the name of a flower. Why couldn’t she remember anything? Suddenly it came to her. Lilly. “Lilly!” she called out. “Lilly is that you? I broke the glass in your door. I’m sorry. I’ll pay for it, of course. Lilly?”

Fanny fumbled along the wall, until she located a light switch. When she turned on the light, the bare bulb over the table revealed a hideous tableau. Lilly was lying on the table. Her face was covered with blood and a long knife was protruding from her left eye.

Trembling, Fanny pulled it out and stood there, spellbound, gripping the knife. Then she began to scream.



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