Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chapter Twenty-Five

When Harold pulled into the driveway his son Pete was in the front yard playing with Arlo. The dog immediately left Pete and ran over to the car. He ignored Harold and sniffed the passenger seat. Pete followed the dog to the car.

“He’s looking for Mom, isn’t he? Poor Arlo has worn himself out running to the front door every time a car passed. How is she Pop?”

“She doesn’t remember anything. Jerry finally convinced them she needed to be hospitalized. They’ve got her at the Washington Hospital Center – under guard. Jerry is arranging to have her examined by a psychiatrist. I came home to get some of her things.”

“She didn’t know you?’”

Harold didn’t tell Peter he hadn’t talked to Fanny. After the call from the Sheriff in Calvert County everything happened at once. Jerry had immediately called the U.S. Attorney and suggested it would be impossible for him to convince a grand jury that the two murders were not connected and that Fanny could have been responsible for both of them. He couldn’t convince them to release her, but they did agree to transfer her to a hospital.

“When did you get home?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Really, Pop. You didn’t expect me to sit down in Charlottesville with all this going on, did you? I need to do something to help.”

Harold put his arms around his son. “I’m glad you’re here, Pete. This has been the longest twenty-four hours of my life. It never occurred to me how much I depend on your mother.” Suddenly the emotion he had been holding back all day came to the surface. He let the tears flow.

Arlo jumped up and placed his front paws against Pete and Harold and howled.

“Look. He’s trying to comfort you, Pop.”

Harold laughed in spite of himself. “Come on in. Let’s fix ourselves something to eat and go see your mother."



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