Monday, June 18, 2007

A Dialogue with my Writer

This is from an exercise in Eunice Scarfe's class.

Brenda: Why do you disappear so often?

Writer: I'm always around. You just ignore me. You don't have time for me. You're too busy making beds and online shopping - sudoku puzzles and television constantly come between you and me.

Brenda: You're just so - so...intimate. It's like you expect me to unclothe myself and drop immediately into uninhibited and unbridled truth. Online shopping is much more satisfying and I have something to show for it.

Writer: You mean you have nothing to show for the time you spend with me?

Brenda: Sure. If you count half filled notebooks and endless versions of my novel...all titled "final version"

Writer: Why do you always invite the critic to join our conversations. Do you let the critic into the bed when you and your husband are making love?

Brenda: No. Just the dogs. It amuses them.

Writer: That is disturbing in so many ways.


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