Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chapter Thirty-One

Jaffe tried not to think about how many loose ends Carl had taken care of for his family. He had given up trying to convince Carl was just a chauffer years ago. He was well aware that he owed his Senate seat to Carl and, if he wanted to keep it – and his freedom – he would continue to let Carl deal with things without questions and without interference from him

“Boss, I need to find this woman and deal with her – before she starts remembering things.”

“I still don’t understand how you got all this information. None of this has been in the papers.”

“It’s probably better if you don’t know who my source is, but he told me they have moved the woman, Fanny Britt, to a private room at the Washington Hospital Center. She is conscious and talking, but, so far, she hasn’t said anything that could implicate either of us. It’s only a matter of time though. The docs think her memory loss is associated with a trauma and as the injury heals her memory will return. I have to act fast.”

“Carl. I don’t like this. So far two people are dead and now you are going to kill a third. Isn’t there another way?”

Carl hadn’t told Jaffe he had killed Dog, but he would hear about it soon. “This will be the fourth, boss.” He handed Jaffe five one-hundred dollar bills. “You were too generous. He would have been satisfied with a hundred.”

Jaffe took the money. “There was no other way, right?”

“Right. He could have told the police about the mysterious odd couple that showed up and asked him to turn a cupid into an eagle.”

“It was a cherub. Carl, if the woman is being held under armed guard, how are you going to get close enough to … kill her?”

“My source is arranging hospital credentials for me. I should have them soon. I have to go now, but I’ll keep you informed.”



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