Monday, July 16, 2007

Home Again!

It's the first Monday morning since my vacation. I stayed in bed an extra six minutes getting reacquainted with Darcy. She has forgiven me for leaving her at A Dog’s Day Out while we were in New Mexico. Arlo is still giving me the cold shoulder. In an effort to mend fences, I left him out of his crate when I left for work this morning. If I come home to find the leather couches in shreds I will have some “splaining” to do to John. Speaking of John, I dropped his truck off at Craven Tire this morning to have the front passenger tire checked out. It is leaking air, he says. The truck is huge. A full one-ton diesel. When I got to Craven I knew immediately that behemoth was not going to fit in one of the lined spaces so I just left it in front of their door. They were very understanding. Must have realized the damage I could have done had I tried to park it. The walk from Craven’s to the Dunn Loring Metro was a little over six minutes. The tire store guy would have given me a lift, but it was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed the walk. When I got to the Metro Station the illuminated sign told me there was a six car train arriving in two minutes and an eight car train arriving in six minutes. I let the full six car train go by and waited for the eight car train so I could be assured of a seat. I wanted to read Rob Wilder’s book. I laughed out loud when I got to the story where he changes his daughter’s diaper in the men’s room of the Macaroni Factory. Laughing out loud tends to draw curious stares on the Metro. There was a six minute delay between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom, allowing me more time to read the story about the baby monitor resulting in more laughter and more stares. The walk from the Farragut West Station to my office is less than six minutes. Farragut Square was filled with bike messengers and the usual haze of marijuana. Well not a haze exactly, but definitely a miasma. It took me about six minutes to remove the price tags from the gifts I bought for my co-workers in the Albuquerque Airport and another six minutes to distribute them. I gave Carol, Webb, Ted and Scott Matchbox Shrines. The rest got candles. I would have bought more shrines if there had been any more. I bought the last four so I had to settle for candles (made in ABQ). Now it is 11:13 am. I have been writing for about six minutes. My coffee is cold. The way I like it. I have told everyone how much fun we had in Taos. John has called me on a six minute break from his retirement seminar to tell me the truck is ready to be picked up (It was a valve stem) and to complain that the woman who was conducting the seminar was ex-military and was driving him crazy. I have a lunch meeting with an annoying client. Vacations can’t last forever



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