Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chapter Forty-Four

Jaffe tried to smile when he spotted Bonnie at the baggage claim area at Dulles. His wife had flown in from Portland on a red-eye to attend that evening’s fundraiser. She didn’t like flying. She didn’t like fundraisers. And it had been a while since she had felt any fondness for husband. But what she did like was being the wife of a U.S. Senator so she had been willing to make the sacrifice. As usual Bonnie was perfectly coifed She was dressed in citrus colored polyester – clutching her matching handbag. He kissed her hello She smelled like Shalimar. She didn’t kiss him back.

“Is that your only bag?” he asked looking down at her suitcase.

“I only plan to stay overnight.”

He took her bag and followed her up the concourse to the car. Neither of them spoke on the ride home and when they got there she headed directly to the guest room. He followed her with her bag. “Can I get you anything, Bonnie?”

“I could use a drink. Maybe vodka and tonic if you can manage it.”

He left her to unpack and went off to fix her drink, resisting the impulse to remind her it was only 10:00 AM. He needed her to make a good impression on his donors tonight. He wondered how he was going to keep her sober for the next eight hours.



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