Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Even though Jerry Benson’s client was off the hook – at least for the present – Mosby had a feeling that he would be willing to listen to what he had to tell him. Mosby knew that he had to talk to the lawyer. If for no other reason, Benson should know how dangerous Jaffe and his associates were.

Mosby looked up the address of Jerry Benson law office and ran outside to hail a cab. He got there just as Benson was leaving for the day. “Sorry, Mr. Ellis. Can this wait until tomorrow? It’s been a really long day I just want to get home and go to bed.”

“I know, Mr. Benson. It’s been a really long day for me too. But I have to talk to you. I’ve uncovered some information on Senator Jaffe you should know about.”

Benson stopped and took another look at Mosby. “Wait a minute. You’re that guy. The one that went to Jacoby with the story about how your friend give Jaffe a tattoo like the one the dead girl out in Virginia had. Sorry, about your friend man. I told you it had been a long day. I didn’t put it together at first. I guess I owe you five minutes. What you gave Jacoby – along with a few other things like time of death and the homicide of that other tattoo artist - are responsible for my client being a free woman tonight.”

“Glad to help out. But it might not be a good thing that she’s out of jail.” Benson gave him a puzzled look. Mosby continued. I think the person that killed the Lilly and the guy in Maryland will do whatever it takes to make sure nobody ties the dead girl to the Senator. If I were you, I’d be worried about him trying to take your client out.”
He shoved the articles he had printed out into Benson’s hand. “Here, just take a look at the section I circled.”

The body of union organizer, Ted Vatrino was discovered in a remote location not far from a mill owned by Lindsey Jaffe. Both of his eyes had been gouged out.

Mosby had also circled the photograph of Lindsey Jaffe and Carl Stone. Mosby jabbed the picture with his index finger. “I would bet anything that Stuart Jaffe killed that girl and this guy is cleaning up his mess. Unless I’m wrong, Mr. Stone has been cleaning up messes for the Jaffe family for quite a while.”
“You have my attention, Mr. Ellis. Tell me what else you’ve found out.”



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